This website is my medium to express my thoughts, beliefs, opinions, rants, etc., and some other tidbits here and there about who I am. This site will finally hold all my thoughts, everything which I have often spoken of but have never put in print.

Warning: This site WILL contain material of a controversial content, that's just the way it goes. If it offends you, I do not apologize, you'll just have to put up with it. All I can say is that you should take all material presented here with a grain of salt and know that I do not condone all forms of evil, so I am no anti-Christ, but by all means, feel free to label me that. I discovered a little while ago that I don't care what random people think of me. Happy reading!

Goals/Aspirations for this site

To be the best damn site on the internet, to become the mecca of computer geeks everywhere, to net me enough fortune to allow me to retire without actually working, and to sleep on top of a large pile of women, with many beautiful money.

Seriously though, I want this site to be good, so that you will visit it often and tell your friends about it, and maybe they will visit it too. I want to be able to tell people what I think about certain subjects, and hopefully illicit a thoughtful response. I want my website to provoke some thought and to hopefully contain a nougat of difference from the millions and millions of personal sites out there. I also want this site to wipe out world hunger and bring world peace. If it doesn't do that it's a lazy bastard.

Historical Synopsis

Well, way back in December 2001, I asked my buddy Derek to design me the website of the future. He said, "Sure old chum, to the Webpage Mobile!" After a few hours of the two of us paddling imaginary canoe paddles in the air while sitting on his couch, and humming the Happy Days theme song over and over, we realized we weren't getting anywhere. So, we tried to throw an old keyboard in the oven to see if it would roast us up a feasable and delicious webpage recipe. We high-fived enthusiastically, as we were only 450 degrees away from the haven of the internet.

Apparently, as the fire chief told us, websites aren't cooked up in an oven, but by our brains and a computer. The next few days were filled with trying to connect our brainwaves to computer chips and hospital stays. Let me tell you from experience folks, RAM is not actually used for ramming into your skull, especially through your ear canal!

We had nearly come to our wits end at that point. I was scratching behind my ear furiously repeating the words to Yankee Doodle Dandy in Esperanto, while Derek was coiled up in the fetal position waiting for the coming of the Angel of Death. Not even the greatest therapists that OHIP and worker's comp could buy could have retrieved us from insanity's door. Until one shining moment...

We were in that state of mind-numbing stupidity and tipsy-insobriety for nearly five months, until 20 May 2002, when Derek got off his high horse (his name is Rusty) and decided to try something new. "I will turn on this 'button' on this 'computer' and see if it 'does' anything," Derek mumbled between sips of grape soda. Lo and behold, that cold, gray box turned on and brought to us a world so full of porn and intrigue that it was impossible to resist the vaccuum that was the world wide web. We got set to working, randomly typing in letters, numbers and characters to see if we could make a website that way. To our great surprise, that randomnessity turned out to be html code! Hoo-boy, we were on a roll. Finally, as I ranted psychotically and under the influence of crack-laced vodka, Derek wrote furiously on a yellow scratch pad, and we managed to churn out the unbelievable content that you will now be able to read on this site! That's it, the full, TRUE and unadulterated chronology of the making of this website, THE WEBSITE OF THE FUTURE, and as I can say without hyperbole, THE GREATEST THING IN THE HISTORY OF HISTORY!

A chilling vision of things to come.

about me
a biography

Well, this is where I get to tell you all about who I am.

You all know me as Julius. I was born August 22, 1982, in Hamilton, Ontario, and have spent my whole life here with the exception of vacations and the time I got lost and ended up in Moose Jaw. I went to St. Luke's Elementary School for E.C.E through to grade 8, a school from which I have retained a few friends til today. After that, I went to Bishop Ryan High School for 5 years, where I was on Yearbook for 2 years and CKBR for 3 (MVM in 2000). It was at this school where I met most of you guys, and they are years which I will always remember as being pretty good. Then, it was off to university, where I managed to get into second year, and that brings us to today. Exciting, aint it?

My lists of favourite things are long and extensive and of real interest only to me and therapists. But because I have 21 MB to fill, let me try and do that.

Favourite Bands

Oasis, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Tragically Hip, Weezer, Our Lady Peace, Matthew Good Band, Beatles, Bush, Blink 182, Green Day, Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, Eminem, Weird Al, U2, Moist, Rob Zombie, Treble Charger, Jimmy Eat World, Tea Party, Marilyn Manson.

Favourite Movies

Star Wars (all), Back to the Future (all), Godfather (all), Harry Potter, American Pie 1&2, Godfellas, Office Space, Snatch, The Usual Suspects, Zoolander, O Brother Where Art Thou, and a few others I can't remember right now...

That's just a sample of what I like to do and such. A full list would bore you to tears and bankrupt Tripod, so I won't do that. If you really, REALLY want to know (and I have no idea why) then just ask me. We can discuss it over a nice candlelit dinner ;) (Ignore that if you're male, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD).

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