wednesday, june 12, 2002
UPDATED BY: Julius "Negabyte" Parente

and thus, the laziness begins...

Well, I'm as tired as a hooker brought onto a war ship which had been at sea for several months, so I'm not going to write a full update today. No one can make me either, so HA! Therefore, I decided to go the lazy-man's route and put up some great pictures that my buddy Matt Becker made on a site called, in which you get to make pictures of people using South Park stuff. He made pictures of some of our friends. Beside each picture I put a smartass comment. Enjoy!

First up is our friend Matt "Cippi" Ciprietti, a grizzled veteran of the genius at work team. He enjoys thinking about editing wedding videos and mentally preparing for the editing of wedding videos.

This is Cippi.

Here is Derek "Darkdroid" Palango. Derek's pet peeve is coming across non-porn sites in his search for porn. Keep "pluggin'" away buddy, you'll make it one day.

Derek, shown here in goth hallowe'en costume.

The next offender is Peter "Piotr" Karbarz, who hates everything except post-it notes. In his spare time, Peter steals cars and tries to keep his balance.

Peter is actually much taller in real life.

Kevin "What was that sound?" Custodio is our next guest in this motel of intrigue. Kevin was born without a sense of direction and can often be found lurking in Le Chateau dressing rooms.

Kevin, the Portugese pimp-god himself.

Matt "MatrixDarkAngelAndromeda" Becker is the next guy to step up to this labyrinth of stupidity. Matt enjoys sitting at home, sleeping at home and lounging at home. He is a connoisseur of fine peanut butter and jellies.

Matt, in all his ungroomed splendour.

Marc "Chuck Taylor" Morganti is the next batter to face this curveball of in-yo-face-beotch! justice. He undertakes each task with the most anal-retentive of care, to the point where you just wish Flanders was dead.

Here stands Marc, with the glory of a thousand walnuts.

Adam "Don't mind my first name" Kramer is the penultimate warrior, or the Second-Last of the Mohicans. He buys case upon case of Uncle Scrappy's malt liquor, hoping to find the coveted golden ball. Then, as luck would have it, he found one, even though they aren't even found in Uncle Scrappy's malt liquor, but choked on it and died. God speed Kramer, god speed.

Kramere, weeth hardlye knewe ye.

And now, it's me, Julius "Negabyte" Parente. I am the owner of the world's finest alfalfa-drink stand in town, even though one time it was robbed by a group of angry Mongols who don't like half-Latinos. Those smarmy little bastards...

I am so fucking hot.

Hope you enjoyed this crap fest, now I take another day off (HA!) and pass update duties on to Kramer for Thursday. Happy smut-hunting!

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